среда, 13 августа 2008 г.

Resident Tbilisi (Georgia) writes on his website

Hello, my friends! CNN and BBC you cheat!
Russia not to attack Georgia!
I want Bush to have heard my words! If Bush won’t cease to act in such way with Russia, the whole USA disappears. So USA People, listen to my words! Let everyone think with their families of my words, and do something that they decide, and first of all it’ll be personal liability of each man for his decision before himself, his family and then before God but thousandfold harder!
Let everyone imagine how painful it will be when someone dear to him will be killed. That’s why I ask you to first think then act. I’m not afraid of telling you this – cause this is the truth! I won’t let the whole World die for one sonofabitch! And this sonofabitch is Bush! So I want every officer to think and make his own conclusion on this point!
All people of USA go outside! Go to the USA streets and demand the removal of the president Bush.
Yes, it can be sound hard, but there is no time to wait. There is little time remains for USA – maximum 100 years, and no more. But now is a high time to stop this madness. That’s why I’m telling you these words. Everything depends on every citizen of USA. People, I love and respect every nation in the Word, except fascists and satanists, we all brothers! I’m asking you, I’m begging you to think - now everything is depends on small territory – South Ossetia and Abkhazia – whether it will be peace in the world or not. And because of this small territory all the world will be sank into the mire of 3rd world war and perish, although not everyone immediately, but in the end those who are ready for whatever comes will remain.
So thus not to let all this happen, the only thing I want to say to the USA people is to keep company with Russia and remain humans. I know that you won’t listen to me. My point is to warn you, and yours’ is to decide. So many years I kept silence - I knew the time to speak for me.

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